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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to enable all children to Believe, Achieve and Inspire.


Departmental Aims


  • WISDOM – All children will develop a rich knowledge and understanding of the PSHE, Citizenship and Statutory RSHE framework to provide a suitable skill set so they are able to make safe and informed decisions about their life both now and into the future. The PSHCE curriculum will develop student’s resilience, well-being and character, whilst promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • HOPE AND ASPIRATION – The PSHCE curriculum underpins the whole school curriculum allowing children to develop a positive mindset to encourage them to plan and achieve for their long-term goals whilst tackling barriers to learning and wellbeing that they face. Pupils at Bury Church will develop into well-rounded individuals who will be able to tackle any of life’s challenges and achieve excellence.
  • COMMUNITY AND LIVING WELL – The PSHCE curriculum will develop a child’s understanding of the world around them, encouraging them to develop healthy relationships, whilst recognising unhealthy situations. The PSHCE curriculum will encourage children to take informed action and be active members of our local community.
  • DIGNITY AND DIVERSITY – The PSHCE curriculum enables all children to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse and multicultural society.   The protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 underpin learning and encourages children to accept and support all in our community.


The PSHCE Curriculum is based around 6 key areas and is designed using a spiral model so that topics and learning are continually revisited and prior knowledge underpins the current learning.

PSHE Core Themes:

  1. Health and Wellbeing (forms part of the RSHE provision) – includes drugs and alcohol education, mental and emotional well-being, managing risk and personal safety, sexual health
  2. Relationships and Sex Education (forms part of the RSHE provision) - includes positive relationships, consent, social influences on behaviour, contraception, parenthood and families; bullying, abuse and discrimination
  3. Living in the wider world (addresses some aspects of Careers provision) – includes learning skills; career choices and pathways; employment rights and responsibilities; financial choices and media literacy and digital resilience.

Curriculum Plan

Extra Curricular Activities

Youth Cabinet – discussing issues which affect young people in Bury

Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award – carrying out a set of leadership challenges within the community that “serve others” in Year 7&8.

School Council – discussing issues that affect our pupils and campaigning for change.

Charities Group – this is a sub group of the School Council which works tirelessly to raise money for charities both locally and nationally. We also volunteer in the community to help contribute as active citizens.

Careers Club – this weekly lunchtime club hosts talks from employers about their careers as well as offering support to students with career exploration, college applications, CV writing, securing work experience etc.