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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to enable all children to Believe, Achieve and Inspire.


Department Intent


Geography at Bury Church of England High School will create students who:

  • Have a rich knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, which broadens their horizons and appreciate different cultures around the world
  • Appreciate a culture of challenge and academic success
  • Are respectful citizens of the world and in the eyes of God- respecting other people, places and the environment


The curriculum intent in Geography is to study the world we live in and to develop student’s knowledge of physical and human environments and the interactions between these environments.


The Geography curriculum is based around these key aims:

  • Students will learn about important human and physical Geography through key locational knowledge that broadens their understanding of places, landscapes, processes, and people.
  • Students will be taught to have a greater appreciation of the impacts of human activity on the world and will learn how to live more sustainably.
  • Students will develop geographical skills that can be used in the wider world.


The KS3 curriculum is based on sequenced knowledge that is taught through a number of different countries on several continents across the world.

Curriculum Plan

Staff Context

  • Mr P Hanson, Head of Department
  • Mr W Towers

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

The department is keen to take students on field trips both in the United Kingdom and abroad. The department runs field trips to Blackpool at GCSE and undertakes local fieldwork at KS3. 

Moreover, we offer international field trips for students in Key Stage 4. We take students to Iceland, visiting some of the country’s exciting natural features including glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls, geysers and volcanoes.

The department is developing the Duke of Edinburgh Award, through the support and guidance of other schools in The Bishop Fraser Trust.

Knowledge Organizers

GCSE Geography Paper 1

GCSE Geography Paper 2

GCSE Geography Paper 3



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