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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to enable all children to Believe, Achieve and Inspire.

Art & Design 

Department Intent

The Creative curriculum at Bury Church is inclusive and nurturing whilst striving for excellence. Pupils are allowed to think independently and creatively express themselves. All pupils are treated as valued individuals that are allowed to make mistakes in a secure environment. The Creative Arts builds up the confidence of those with low self-esteem whilst allowing competitiveness. The Creative Art lessons strive to be fun, yet challenging, whilst allowing pupils to relax and lose themselves in their own creativity.


The Creative Arts curriculum is based on developing a wide range of important skills. These include fine motor skills, decision making, language development, visual learning and inventiveness. Through practitioners’ research, children also develop their cultural awareness and consider the wider world and history. Projects are deep rooted in acceptance and inclusion whilst exploring and learning about diversity.

Curriculum Plan


  • Miss L Tattersall, Head of Department
  • Mrs L Manning

 Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

The Art Department provides opportunities for pupils in KS3 to attend afterschool art clubs throughout the year. We provide an open-door afterschool drop-in policy for KS4 pupils alongside afterschool intervention opportunities.

Visits to Art Galleries enhance the pupils Artist and creative knowledge and learning.



The department has an Instagram page. On it we celebrate diversity, creative expression and amazing artwork under the Christian ethos.