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Photos of students in the school in different subject lessons

Welcome to Bury Church of England High School

A very warm welcome to Bury Church of England High School's website where we hope you will be able to get a flavour of our school. Using the site will enable you to learn about our wide-ranging and diverse curriculum, about the departments, and life at Bury CE High School. You can also keep up to date with recent developments and learn about extra-curricular activities that pupils are encouraged to take part in.

Thank you for visiting us.

Reverend C. Watson (Headteacher)

News and Notices

December 2014 Trial Examinations Timetable

Please use this link to visit the examinations timetable for the Trial Exams which begin on Tuesday 2nd December and finish on Thursday 11th December 2014.

The exams are of importance to your child as they are vital, in particular for Year 11 pupils, in assessing their progress, setting future targets and determining the estimated grades which are sent out to college.

The trial examination for Year 10 Religious Studies is on the afternoon of Tuesday 9th December 2014. Pupils will be assessed on the work they completed during Year 9.

Should there be a problem with your son/daughter not attending an examination for any reason, please contact the Exams Office at the school.

2014 GCSE Results Certificates Collection

Should you need to collect your GCSE certificates, please contact the Exams Office at school either by email to or telephone (0161 797 6236), to make an appointment to call into school.  The Exams Office is open between 9.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday during school term time.

If you cannot collect your certificates personally, but wish to have them collected for you, for instance by a family member, you will need to contact the Exams Office giving details of the person you have authorised to collect your certificates. Only the authorised person can collect your certificates. The authorised person must bring with them a letter signed by you stating that you give permission for your certificates to be collected and they must bring proof of their identity (e.g. driving licence, passport etc.).

Working together to give orphaned children a real future

"Do it slowly!" said one pupil as male members of Bury Church School staff had their legs waxed to raise funds for the building work at a children's home in Malawi.

As well as the sponsored leg wax, students and staff at the school have undertaken a whole host of fundraising activities during August and September. Learning assistant Mr Wilkinson hurtled down Europe's longest and fastest zip-wire at 100 mph while staff and students collected unwanted clothes.

Others bought made and sold cakes while Meg in Year 11, Richard in Year 10 and Luke in Year 9 - some of the school's chattiest pupils - spent seven hours in a sponsored silence. The Bury Church branch of "Hannah's Children's Home" is close to completion and every penny of the £500 raised so far will be used to create a loving home for a group of orphans, who would otherwise be living on the streets of Blantyre.

Even the Bury depot of First bus company joined in, not only loaning their staff bus to transport the clothes to the weigh-in station, but also doubling the money with a donation of £500. It will be used to buy the first 10 pigs of a piggery project, generating a regular income for food and school fees.

The children's home is the second of its kind; the first being established three years ago when a former pupil of the school visited Malawi with a team from church and charity, PFJ Ministries. Meeting children who had lost their parents through disease, and forced to beg or commit crime for food, he helped set up the first "Hannah's Children's Home", named after another member of the group called.

Mrs Walker, who is visiting Malawi at the end of October, is looking forward to bringing back reports of the very real difference that will be made in the lives of the children. "The enthusiasm of our pupils has been infectious" she said, adding: "The bravery of Mr Adjei, Mr Daniel Sam and Mr Guest, willing to let pupils wax their legs for the sake of children they've not even met, shows real compassion.

International visitor - September 2014

The school was pleased and honoured to host a visit by Colonel Azim, Director of the Education Board of the Diocese of Lahore, for a full day on October 1st. The Colonel was welcomed by our Head Boy and Girl and senior prefects and they introduced him to the school and its history. He then was shown around on a tour by our deputy head boy and girl (pictured here with the colonel) during which time he was able to spend time in the classrooms observing both English and maths lessons. Later in the day, Colonel Azim spent time participating in staff training programmes and was given briefings about the school's systems of quality assurance and progress monitoring.

The school is building up a partnership with a school in the Lahore diocese, St Denys, which is one of the schools for which Colonel Azim is responsible. The Colonel brought letters of greeting (all written with immaculate penmanship and superb literary craft) from pupils in the school; they were replying to some of our pupils' earlier correspondence. St Denys is situated high up in the hills in a resort called Murree, and we hope to send three teachers across there for a fortnight towards the end of the academic year to experience teaching classes in Pakistan and to introduce English teaching methods to them. It is also hoped that some teachers from Pakistan from across the diocese will be able to spend time in Bury developing their own pedagogy and leadership skills over the next few years and time was spent discussing how we might develop this programme to the benefit of both schools. We look forward to developing our partnership with St Denys and wish our distinguished visitor an enjoyable and profitable time in England.

School Malawi Charity - Hannah's Home - September 2014

You may already be aware of Bury CE High School's involvement in the setting up of a children's home in Malawi, supporting children who could otherwise be living on the streets.

During September, we are asking students, parents and staff to donate their unwanted clothes as a way of generating finance for the home which is close to completion. Other items which can be weighed in such as sheets, towels, curtains, bags and shoes can also be collected.

We would be very grateful for your support in this venture and are asking students to bring the bags of clothes etc. from home into school on Friday 3rd October2014.

A member of staff from the school will be visiting the Bury CE High School branch of Hannah's Children's Home during October half term, to meet the children and see the home.

If you would like to continue collecting bags of clothes and other items throughout the year to support Hannah's Children's Home, the registered UK charity with which we are working will be happy to collect them from you. Please contact them directly; you can find their details and more information about Hannah's Home by going to the ARK_website.

GCSE Results August 2014

Congratulations to the year of 2014. As a year group they have significantly improved the English Baccalaureate performance over last year; 48% of the year group have achieved this standard this year. The English Baccalaureate is a combination of a GCSE grade C or above in English, mathematics, at least two sciences, at least one language and at least either history or geography. This is an excellent performance. Well done to you all.

As has been widely forecast in the media, the school is one of those schools that has been subject to the predicted volatility and variability. One English examination seems to be bringing about unexpected results for us. Early indications suggest that the 5A*-C percentage is going to be around 56%, which is out of character for our school and does not reflect the pleasing GCSE results obtained by the year group across all subjects, with most subjects achieving in the high 60% or 70 % plus level for their GCSE grades. We will be investigating this particular examination's results and when we are certain of the situation we will take appropriate action to address this situation.

Please find below the individual subject grade analysis for Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE results:

Year 10 Results Subject/Grade Analysis

Year 11 Results Subject/Grade Analysis

Results Day, 21st August 2014

Year 11 GCSE results will be available for collection 10am - 1pm

Year 10 GCSE results will be available for collection 11am - 1pm

Salters Chemistry Festival - June 2014


On Wednesday 11th June four year 8 pupils attended Salters Chemistry Festival at University of Manchester.

They took part in two practical challenges in the University labs, this involved identifying unknown substances and making a chemical reaction last for a set amount of time.

The pupils performed fantastically well and I would like to congratulate Matthew Westwell, Daniel Murray, Libby Davies and Leah Emery for winning 2nd place in the Salters Challenge!



Help us raise funds for the School - May 2014


The Friends of Bury Church have obtained a relatively easy way to make funds for the school via

If online shoppers are willing to use the easyfundraising website to link to their online shopping sites, this will raise funds for school at no cost to the shopper.

We encourage you to consider using this new fundraising method whenever you are shopping on any of the participating websites.

A big ‘Thank you!’ for continuing to support the school.

Click here to help raise funds for Bury Church of England High School today.

Participating retailers include: Amazon, Apple, eBay, Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Marks & Spencers, ASOS, John Lewis, Debenhams, Next,, Argos and many more.




International School Visit - March 2014

It was a great privilege to be one of a party of four from the Diocese of Manchester who were able to visit our link diocese in Lahore Pakistan this February half term. My role, as a representative of Bury Church of England High School and of the Diocesan Board of Education in Manchester, was to develop further links between the schools and education services of Manchester and Lahore. In order to do that, we visited over a dozen Diocesan school across the territory and made a special link with what is to become our new partner school, St Denys' in the Murree hills.

The weather, sights, colours, smells, food, roads, traffic (my goodness, the traffic!) and the military checkpoints meant that you could never forget that you were in Pakistan. Especially memorable were the friendliness of the people and the warmth of their welcome.

At each of the schools and church communities we visited we were welcomed like royalty – garlanded and bedecked with flowers, welcomed by song and dance and hundreds of pressing handshakes. It was a humbling experience; we brought back with us numerous gifts, from people who are much less wealthy than us and for whom there are many pressing needs.

There is much to say about the visit and lessons we learned. To be brief, I was immensely impressed by the commitment of the staff, many of whom work in conditions that we would find impossible and with resources that we would find inadequate; I was equally impressed by the children we met, who were disciplined and determined and so keen to utilise the opportunity of an education to improve their own lot. Our partner school in Murree has an inspiring story to tell. Subjected to two separate arson attacks in recent years and severely damaged, it is rising again. The school collapsed after the second attack and had just 18 pupils for a while. Now it has grown again to over 400 and has plans to continue to develop. We are determined to become partners with St Denys' to learn from them and to contribute to their success.

Ian Jackson Deputy Headteacher, Bury C of E High School

Lush visit CREST Awards pupils - January 2014

On Tuesday 21st January pupils had a visit from Lush Cosmetics. Ten pupils had the opportunity to discuss the history of Lush, ingredients they use and how they get their ideas with Lush staff. The pupils involved are completing projects based around cosmetics for a Bronze CREST Award from The British Science Association.

Their projects involve making and testing a range of cosmetic products. As part of the workshop pupils made their own Lush bath bomb to take home. The feedback for making their own bath bomb was overwhelmingly positive, one pupil commented "I loved everything! Now I know more about Lush's history and products".

The workshop will be very helpful for the pupils projects and it is great to see the real-life application of what we are doing in school. Susan and Yasmin from Lush were informative and engaging – Thank you.

“I loved making our own bath bombs and the goody bags were great!”


Bishop Gift visits Bury CE High School - November 2013

Bury CE High School was immensely pleased to welcome Bishop Gift Chaula on a recent visit from the Kingdom Glory Churches of Malawi.  He toured the school, visited lessons and spoke in assembly over a period of two days during his visit to the UK.

Bishop Gift was keen to see the school because of the fundraising and support that has been offered by it for one of the projects in which he is involved in Malawi. Pupils and staff from Bury Church had visited Malawi in conjunction with a church sponsored group in 2011 and returned to the UK and school determined to do something to raise awareness and improve the plight of street children in Malawi, some of whom they had encountered during their visit.

Others in school quickly caught their vision and a series of activities were organised including charity talent shows and cake sales.  Over the course of a few months, £2800 was raised to support the ministry of those working with homeless children in Malawi and countless other items and resources were collected to be sent in subsequent visits to the country.

Using those, and other funds, a house in Bangwe has been restored to a habitable standard; a kitchen, a bathroom, electricity, and clean water have all been installed.  By January 2014 up to 6 street children will be accommodated there, looked after by a widow who will be trained to create a family environment for the children for the first time.  

The pupils were moved and proud to hear from Bishop Gift that the name given to this refuge will be the “Bury Church Home”.  There is an on-going commitment to the home both by PFJ Ministries, which is the organisation leading the work, and the school.  For anyone interested in contributing to the work there, the next project is to set up a piggery and thereby create a self-financing resource for the home.  Donations could be made through

The Class of 2013 Returns to Bury Church of England High School - November 2013

The ‘Class of 13’ returned to the scene of their success on Tuesday 19th November. They gathered at Bury CE High School to receive their certificates and to receive awards. The guest speaker, Canon Maurice Smith CBE, a former Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, engaged the audience of staff, parents and young people superbly. His own reflections on his school days and a recent reunion of his peers gave everyone pause for thought. He spoke about the importance of education and how it should be for the benefit of the people of God’s world.

The former pupils enjoyed seeing images of their school life, expertly presented by their former head of year, Mr P Guest. The school was very proud of the ‘Class of 13’ who achieved 68% 5A*- C including English and Maths, a 3% increase in performance against a backdrop of declining grades across England. Not only did they achieve this, but 40% of them gained the English Baccalaureate.

As last year’s Head Girl commented on the year group’s time in the school “We’ve all come out the other side, bigger and better versions of our Year 7 selves, prepared and ready to take on the rest of what life has to offer.” From what we saw on Tuesday night, the world will certainly be a better place because of their journey through it.

Zoo trip prize for Bury budding scientists - November 2013

Budding scientists from Bury Church of England High School saw some of their lessons come to life during a behind-the-scenes visit to a college zoo.

Twelve pupils from Years 9 and 10 helped to feed ring tailed lemurs and meerkats and flew birds of prey during an action packed trip round Reaseheath College’s zoo. Reaseheath College, in Nantwich, Cheshire, is one of the country’s leading specialist land-based colleges and has the best college zoo in the country.

Bury Church of England High School pupil Lucy Tyrer, 15, of Bury won the chance to spend time with Reaseheath’s zoo keepers after becoming one of the top prizewinners at The Big Bang Fair in Liverpool, a north west event aimed at encouraging young scientists and engineers.

Her project, ‘The Perfect Cup of Tea’, was awarded top marks for enthusiasm and commitment to STEM (education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The category prize was sponsored by Reaseheath College.

Lucy chose to bring 11 fellow science enthusiasts on her day out. All the pupils have completed CREST (Creative Science and Technology) awards. Lucy, who wants to become a vet said: “This was a really good experience. All the colleges near us are in towns so being out in the country and meeting all the animals was amazing.” Chemistry teacher Amy Jackson, who accompanied the group, said: “Our pupils, particularly girls, are becoming more and more interested in science. This was a great opportunity to come to Reaseheath and spend time outside doing practical activities. The facilities here are stunning. The whole group had a really good learning experience and loved every minute.”

The news story can be read here.

GCSE Certificates Collection - November 2013

Should you need to collect your GCSE certificates, please contact the Exams Office at school either by telephone (0161 797 6236), to make an appointment to call into school. The Exams Office is open between 9.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday during school term time.

If you cannot collect your certificates personally, but wish to have them collected for you, for instance by a family member, you will need to contact the Exams Office giving details of the person who will be collecting on your behalf. The authorised person can only collect your certificates if they bring a letter of authorisation signed by you and proof of their identity at the time of the appointment.

A map of the area can be found here.

Year Nine Classics Survey - November 2013

One of our former pupils is undertaking research about Classics and its role in schools as a subject(s). Classics includes 'Classical Civilization', 'Latin' and 'Ancient Greek'. These subjects are not currently taught at Bury CE High School and we would like to help the research by seeing what our Year 9 pupils think about this area of study. If you are a Year 9 pupil, please click here to answer a very simple three question survey that you can complete to give us your opinion.

Services of Remembrance - November 2013


This year Bury CE High School took time to pause at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month to bring to mind those whose lives have been damaged or destroyed by conflict since our school was founded in 1748. All lessons paused for an act of remembrance, with a silence at 11 am, heralded by our trumpeters playing the ‘Last Post’ around the school site.

At the same time, a remembrance day service was taking place in the school hall, with our Head Boy and Girl, supported by their Deputies, leading the act of remembrance and laying wreathes at the three plaques that commemorate the three stages of our school's life.

A group of pupils also attended the Remembrance Sunday parade in Bury Town Centre and laid a wreath at the war memorial.



School visit to Rome - October 2013


Autumn Half Term in Rome

A school party visited Rome over the first part of October half term; it was the first visit organised by school to the Italian capital. A party of 5 staff and 41 pupils returned from sunny Rome (temperatures hit 29 degrees and there was no rain - a little different from the storms that ravaged the UK during that time) having worn their feet to blistered stubs from a thorough and wonderful exploration of the historic city.

The party visited ancient Roman sites (Colosseum, Trajan’s Markets, the catacombs, the Pantheon and Castel Sant'Angelo amongst them), the tourist sites (the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona), intriguing sites (a crypt decorated with the bones of thousands of monks, an Italian market at Campo del Fiori and a film based on the history of Rome with all sorts of effects added) and important religious sites such as St Peter's, the Vatican museums and Sistine chapel and the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore.

Some of the party visited an opera and others were fortunate enough to see the Pope in one of his regular audiences to thousands. In addition to that, we enjoyed a night time open bus tour of Rome, went 10 pin bowling and spent too much money on shopping around the famous and expensive shops of the Via del Condotti - no one bought an actual Ferrari per se but lots bought a cap to accompany their Gucci perfume. We also experienced a great deal of pride as staff as we were effusively and sincerely congratulated by members of the public on how well our pupils behaved at the airports and around the visits; many thanks to all who took part, for the efforts made by staff and the pleasure of looking after such wonderful students.

Rhythm of Life - October 2013


Our 'Rhythm of Life' project took place at The Millgate Shopping Centre, 3, Union Arcade, Bury on Wednesday 9 – Friday 11 October, 2013.

The project was created and performed by both staff and pupils of Bury CE High School, using art to connect with the community and was a celebration of achieving the Artsmark award and a showcase of our love of the arts.

There was an exhibition of visual art work, music ensembles, performing arts and hands-on creative workshops.







Open Evening - September 2013


Our Open Evening was held on Thursday 19 September 2013 and provided the opportunity for visitors to experience at first hand the quality that is Bury CE High School and the reality of our historic, academic and inspirational Christian school.  It also gave the opportunity to reaffirm that we provide an excellent all round education, preparing young people to become all that God created them to be, and bringing the heart of God to the heart of learning.

Many of our pupils go onto further and higher education including the very best Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.  Our school is a school that believes; with a strong Christian ethos and welcomes all and encourages spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We are a school that inspires; with learning set in a global context and young people encouraged to experience learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Rev’d C Watson (Headteacher)




Changed holiday dates in 2013 and 2014

There have been changes to our school's holidays which affect two days in 2013 and 2014. Please read here for more information and here for the revised holiday pattern.

Revision Guidance Booklet

This useful booklet is full of practical tips and guidance to support you as you prepare for exams. It has some essential do's and don'ts to guide you through such an important time. Effective Revision is hard to master and hopefully this guide will help support you to make sure you get the very best grades that you deserve. You will also find some web addresses for many subjects which will also help to supplement your knowledge and understanding.


Miss M Brothers

Parking Issues

We would like to remind parents about the need for considerate parking near our school. We do have complaints about people who park in 'residents only' parking places or block access for residents. There have also been concerns about parents' parking in the back streets which blocks access to residents' garages. Please bear this in mind if you drop off/pick up children in a vehicle. Thank you for your cooperation.

Archive of previous news items

To view previous news click here.