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Primary Transition

Pupils at present attending the school have joined us from more than 60 partner primary schools.

The move to Secondary School at 11 is an important step in a child’s educational experience and we seek to make this move as easy as possible.

We have regular contact with local primary schools. In the summer term our staff visit the primary schools to meet pupils coming to us in the following September.

Towards the end of the summer term these pupils are invited to spend two days with us when they can meet the Pastoral Staff, get to know their way around the school buildings and have a taste of life at secondary school.

Our Year 7 pupils will already have written letters to prospective pupils and will also help guide them in to the school. An evening meeting is arranged for parents to meet staff and to deal with the practical considerations of starting a new school. In addition, where children have special educational, social or physical needs, their parents may, on request, have an informal, individual meeting with a senior member of staff.

We take encouragement from how quickly our new pupils settle purposefully and happily in to the school. Towards the end of the first half term parents of Year 7 pupils are invited to meet their child’s tutor to discuss how s/he has settled in to life at the school and the progress being made.

If pupils are to make the most of learning opportunities they must feel secure and valued. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through our tutor group and year system.

Welcome from Mr Guest, Head of Year 7

Letter to Year 6 pupils joining us in September 2020

A tour of the school

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