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Modern Foreign Languages

Departmental Aims

At Bury CE High School, our aim is to encourage all pupils to strive for excellence in languages whilst at the same time instilling a passion for other cultures. French is a core subject in our school and German an optional second language at GCSE because we believe that all pupils should experience a global dimension to their learning, thus promoting differences and celebrating the diversity in our society, responding to the message of Christ to “love our neighbours as we love ourselves”.
We want to encourage a positive attitude to language learning through a breadth of activities, whether it will be through engaging lessons, our Languages Club or our trips to France and partnership programme with Collège-Lycée Sainte Marie.

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We aim to:

Key Stage 3

Year 7 & 8 have 4 hours of French, 1 hour of German and 1 hour of Spanish per fortnight.

At the end of Year 8, pupils can choose to study German as an option from Year 9.

In Year 7 French, we study:

In Year 8 French we have 2 hours per week. We study:

In Year 7/8 German we have 1 hour per fortnight and we study:

In Year 7/8 Spanish we have 1 hour per fortnight and we study:

In Year 9 German we have 2 hours per week. We study:

We begin the GCSE French course in year 9, taking 3 years to complete it by building grammar practise and comprehension.

Key Stage 4

In year 9, all pupils study French for 4 hours per fortnight.

If they have chosen German as an option, they also have 4 hours per fortnight.

Years 10 and 11 have 4 hours of French per fortnight.

Our exam board is Edexcel (follow this link for the new GCSE being examined from 2018).

As you may be aware, many of the GCSE syllabuses are changing but the examination is still split into the four skills:

The GCSE is designed to:

Y11 Intervention Sessions

Intervention sessions take place every Tuesday after school from 3.35pm to 4.15pm.

In these sessions, we go over exam questions and techniques for listening and reading questions. We use Edexcel French GCSE Revision book (you can purchase it on Amazon here).

Extra Curricular Activities

College Sainte-Marie

Future Developments

We are very keen to extend our partnership with our French partner school. As part of this, we are going to set up a regular Skype programme so that our pupils can communicate with their French counterparts on a regular basis.

As part of the International School Award scheme, we are hoping to further develop cross-curricular links with other subjects in school. We would also like to take our subject into local primary schools and establish long-lasting links based on a common love of languages.


In 2018, they were as follows:

French: 62.1% Grades 9-4, with 14.5% Grades 9-7

German: 80.0% Grades 9-4, with 40.0% Grades 9-7

Past Languages Events