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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to enable all children to Believe, Achieve and Inspire.

Ethos & Values

Our school Motto is “let your light shine”, taken from Matthew 5. This represents the very heart of our vision for our school.

“Let” is the permission to be yourself and have a life with Jesus Christ.

“Light” is to allow your light to shine brightly, to grow the talents of each child and each member of staff to ensure they can live life in all its fullness and achieve dreams and realise aspirations.

“Shine” is that we celebrate our success and achievements within a Christian context and equally share a life rooted in a deep faith with Jesus Christ.

Our core values underpin our motto

Believe – is about putting the teachings of Jesus into practice, that of love, joy, kindness humility, faithfulness, patience and gentleness built around a culture of respectfulness. This is how we will treat each other as a community.


Achieve - is for all to strive for success in all aspects of school life whether that be engagement in lessons, support of others or success in the wider opportunities of school life. We as a school are ambitious for all our pupils and will challenge and support them to achieve their very best.


Inspire – is for all to experience the breadth of the fullness they need to inspire others with their gifts and abilities, with their vision and passion and to join them in the adventure of life. Through achievement and actions we create the spaces for all to inspire others through what they do.


To place this in action our school family will:

  • be patient and kind with one another (Believe)
  • forgive one another and, when needed, disagree well together (Believe)
  • work hard for ourselves and others (Achieve)
  • be servant leaders by putting the needs of all before ourselves (Achieve and Inspire)
  • engage in inspiring others and taking part in special causes to help those who need it most (Inspire and courageous advocacy)

Our School Prayer

Eternal God, who watches over us all,

grant that the friendships formed between us here may never through sin be broken,

nor hereafter through worldly cares be forgotten.

But that bound together by the unseen chain of your love,

we may be drawn nearer to you,

and nearer to one another,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.