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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to enable all children to Believe, Achieve and Inspire.


Pupil Login Instructions

To log on to Satchel:One:

1. Click the "Sign in with Office365" button (circled in red below).

2. A Microsoft login page will appear where a pupil must enter their email address. A pupil email address is their username with on the end.

3. Finally, enter the password that you use to log on to school computers. 

Satchel:One Login 




Frequenty Asked Questions

Does my child need a PIN to log on to Satchel:One?

No, they should not use a PIN. All they need to do is click the "Sign in with Office 365" button.

What is my child's school email address?

with the exception of Year 11 students, your child's email address is their username with "" on the end.

Their username is made up of the two digit year that they will leave school, followed by their initials, followed by a two digit random number. For example, a child called Joe Bloggs who started in Year 7 in September 2023 is due to leave school in 2028. Therefore they would have the username 28jbXX where XX is a 2 digit random number.

What is my child's password?

Your child's password is the password that they use to logon to school computers. If they have forgotten it, IT Support can reset it for them. Just email or call school, but please remember to let your child know their new password as they will need it for some lessons.

Please note: For Data Protection reasons, passwords will only be sent to parent/carer email addresses that we already have on our system

Why can my child not log on to Satchel:One?

There a some common reasons why a pupil login may fail:

1. They are not using the "Sign in with Office 365" button.

2. The email that Satchel:One has on their system is not the pupil's school email address. If the pupil is using their own personal email address e.g.,, etc. please contact school and we can update this on Satchel:One so that it is their school email address.

3. The computer they are using may already be signed into someone else's Microsoft account. e.g. a parent may have logged into their Outlook, MSN or Hotmail account. If this is the case, we recommend setting up a separate user account on the computer to avoid conflicts. If using a Windows computer, follow this guide. If using a Mac, follow this guide. Alternatively, some web browsers let you have multiple profiles for different users.

4. They need to update the the app on their mobile device. Make sure the pupils is using the latest version of the Satchel:One app. For more details on supported devices please click here.

5. They are typing their email address incorrectly.

6. They are typing their password incorrectly.