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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to enable all children to Believe, Achieve and Inspire.


Start of term arrangements

First day of the new academic year in September

As we start to turn our focus to the new academic year, thoughts are turning to what this might look like. We are looking forward to continuing to work with our pupils and are very appreciative of the words of encouragement and support we have received over the last year. Please be assured of our continued dedication and care in ensuring the development of our pupils, your children.

Pupils are set to return to school at the start of September and below you will find information related to the specific start dates for each year group.


Arrangements for the start of the new academic year in September

We will welcome Year 7 pupils to school on Tuesday 5th September 2023.

Year 7 pupils should arrive ready to be registered at 8.40am. Year 7 pupils will engage in a number of starter activities throughout the morning. Pupils are asked to arrive and wait in the quad and key staff will be available to supervise our new pupils into the school building.

We ask parents/carers kindly not to come on to the premises, and ideally, not down the drive unless mobility access is needed.



We will welcome Year 11 pupils back to school on Tuesday 5th September 2023.

Year 11 pupils should arrive at school for an 8.40am registration.



We will welcome Year 8, 9 and 10 back to school on Wednesday 6th September 2023.

Years 8, 9 and 10 should arrive for an 8.40am registration.


As always we would expect all our pupils to be ready to learn and be wearing the full correct school uniform, with no piercings, trainers or jewellery to be worn. All pupils are asked to bring their full equipment with them so they have the best chance to start the new academic year ready to learn.

The school strongly believes in providing our pupils with exciting, creative and meaningful learning experiences, which builds their enthusiasm for learning and helps them to grow and develop positively in a variety of ways. The school believes in positive collaboration with families as partners in their child’s education, continuing to build on the strong community values which thrives on mutual respect and positive relationships. We know how vital working in partnership with parents/carers really is in order for children to find school a positive and rewarding experience. You can be assured that as Headteacher, I and my colleagues will strive to create the best education for your child/children whilst they are members of our school family.