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Bury CE High School

A Church of England Academy with the vision to empower all students to let their light shine.

Interim Executive Board


To help us ensure the school makes rapid progress towards its ambitious aims we have set up an ‘Interim Executive Board’ (IEB) as a temporary replacement for the ‘Local Governing Body’ we would normally have in our Trust schools.

The IEB is a relatively small group, with strong educational and governance expertise matched to the areas which we wish to focus on over the next twenty-four months. The board meets regularly to work with the Headteacher and leadership team to support rapid improvement. Following the next Ofsted Inspection, we will look to build back the Local Governing Body.

An IEB is set up by the Trust Board and Trustees continue to have legal responsibility for the school. The Trustees receive regular updates on the work of the IEB.

The IEB will be made very aware of the views of parents through surveys and feedback collected by the leadership team. Two of our IEB members are parents of children at our school.

You will find below details of the IEB members and if at any time you wish to raise any issues with them you can do so by contacting the school at

More information will appear here soon.